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TIMBo Program (Trauma-Responsive Innovations for Mind and Body)

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  • 09-23-19 | 5 p.m.

TIMBo combines simple yoga-like movements, relaxation breathing, guided meditation, and a workbook-based approach to explore and better understand the impact of emotions such as fear, guilt, shame, and grief. Research has shown that upon completion of one full TIMBo program, participants’ symptoms of depression, anxiety, and trauma (PTSD) are significantly lower. Not only this, but women score significantly higher on a measure of self-compassion after participation in the program as compared to before.

TIMBo facilitates personal growth that will help participants navigate life’s tensions through:
improved behavioral self-regulation through mindfulness a self-compassionate understanding of human survival responses social-emotional growth that promotes compassionate attunement to the self and to others strengthening the sense of self and promoting confidence in relationships developing a resilient worldview that enables participants to interact with life’s problems with composure and confidence

This program runs for sixteen weekly sessions, the first of which is an orientation. Total non-refundable cost of the program is $450, plus an additional $15 for the workbook.

Co-led by Emily Peterson, Lynn Eikenberry, and Kira Pullig. This session meets Mondays 5:45 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. Start date will be September 9th and will run for 18 weeks, ending December 30th (no session on 12/23).

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